Monday, 6 May 2013

Guide questions

Hello people, here you have some questions for you to have in mind for the discussion:

Do you agree with Benjy’s mother, when she said that he ignores his sister?
Why do you think Benjy didn’t remember his sister name?
What is the meaning of the bird in the story?
Do you think the girl fell through the ice deliberately or accidentally?

Do you think the visitor was scare or embarrassed about Steven?
‘Desperate’, would be a good word to describe what the visitor felt in that house?
Do you think what happened is the girl’s mother and aunt fault because they try to get rid of her for a while?
If Steven would have been family of the narrator, do think things would have been different?           

What do the boy and the girl telling these stories reveal about their own character?
Do you think these stories are a reflection on how society behaves with people like Sheryl and Steven?
Are the mothers unreasonable on forcing the kids to do what they didn’t want?
Do you think the attitudes of the narrators are a natural and instinctive human reaction, or are they a result of parental influence on the child?

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