Sunday, 7 April 2013

Dialogue: Pru and Tatiana


Preu: (She is reflexing) I know me, I know that I'm a relaxed woman... -she started to have doubts- ...but, I never have thought it, but maybe I'm becoming in a thief!. How it could be? Oh my! It could be worth maybe I'm changing into a bitch or maybe a nymphomania, I have to look for help.

In the clinic:

Tatiana: Everyone has a different reason to be here. That is curious how problems catch you like if you were in a little bubble where hardly you can breathe.


Prue: Problem don't exist, the truth is that you create them and put them in your mind all the time.


Tatiana:You have not had problems in your life?


Prue: I don't know, I just make the most of any kind of event, important or not, but why are you complaining about you, you have a lovely name. 


Tatiana look at her with a particular expression in her face like saying "what the hell are you talking about, surely she is here because she is crazy, anyway. "so why are you here" Tatiana says. 


Prue: I'm here not for a problem, is just a question, or maye two, and I want to know if this doctor is going to resolve them for me. And you, why are you here?


Tatiana:I'm here because I'm afraid Tommy has another woman, everyday somebody call him when we are together and he is not so kind with me and now his kisses are not so loving and... -Tatiana stops talking and think for a moment with a very worried appereance and says: "I'm afraid I'm being so jelous with him and he is going to leave me, Oh my gosh!" she starts crying.


Prue: Laughing at her she says: I think you must hurry up to get this date with Dr. Smith  


Doctor Smith: Mrs. Tatiana come with me please. 


Prue: Ok, I'm not that crazy, I'm not that stupid, I don't have to be here. I'm not neither a thief nor a bitch, I'm just enjoying my life and this my way to do it, I'm very well and now I have this pretty golden purse to put in my never mind tin. -And finally she leaves the psychological clinic thinking on what she was thinking about when she decided to go to this full-of-crazy-stuff-clinic.






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