Friday, 5 April 2013

Dialogue !!

Prue: oh my gosh, look at her Evelyn…that’s Miss Brill I can’t believe this!!! She must have been watching us since we met here.

Evelyn: mmm I don't know who she is.

Prue: she is an English teacher but she also was the central character in a short story written by Katherine Mansfield, a story that happened in 1922. Gordon would die if he sees her; he loved this character’s personality.

Evelyn: Ok. but this is so weird, why is she still alive?

Prue: ohhh…what a good question! You know what, I’m gonna ask her….ummm, ehh…do you think it is ghost of her?

Evelyn: hahahaha…ehh…of course she’s not! But look at her clothes, that fur is completely ugly and uncommon…but anyway, it’s late and I have to be at home in fifteen minutes, go talk with her and I’ll see you tomorrow, ok?

Prue: Ok, thank you for everything, I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye

Evelyn: bye

Prue: Pardon madam; are you Miss Brill, the one in the story by Katherine Mansfield?

Miss Brill: yes, I am.

Prue: ohhhhhh my goodness!! This must be a dream! I just can’t believe it!...oh ..ehh…but wait a minute we are now in 1983 but your story happened in 1922…mmm…you should be at least a little bit older, shouldn’t you?

Miss Brill:  aha!

Prue: ehhh (giggle) you are of few words.

Miss Brill: I'm so shy and I am not used to talk with people I don't know, I just watch them. I just decided to come from the past for watching people from this decade…I find people are so different, they dress a little weird but at the same time they behave in a crazy way and that’s what I like…ehh…I would say that’s magnificent!.

Prue: Cool!!. Ok but you are a teacher, you’re not supposed to be shy!...ehh…umm.. But it doesn’t matter now…Would you like to take a picture with me? I’d like to show it to a friend.

Miss Brill: excuse me, I might not be accustomed to this, I prefer to refuse but thank you!

Prue: ok Miss. But just a last question, why do you like to watch people on the street? What is so interesting on that?

Miss Brill: I feel so alone and nobody loves me I like to imagine those people are part of my life and that I in their lives… and I live in theirs indeed.

Prue: oh!, sorry to hear that but that’s life, everyone has problems to deal with but you have to be happy and to face the bad circumstances, I haven’t been the most fortunate one but I try not to complain…that’s the meaning of life…

Miss. Brill: much obliged ! it’s wonderful what you say…

Prue: ok…I have to go now and thank you for sharing your time with me. Good bye madam…I hope to see you again someday!

Miss.Brill: good bye Mss.

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