Monday, 8 April 2013

Dialogue: Sara and Miss Brill

Oh, how fascinating it was! How they enjoyed it! How they loved sitting there, watching it all!

Sara: There is an afro woman... she tries to dissimulate what she is doing… she looks at right and left to ensure no body is looking at her. She started scratching her armpit and after that she did like a dance in order to covertly bring the same hand until her nose… the band did an according sound in this moment… like an Arabic dance.-

But there was something weird in another woman Sara often used to see in that park. That strange woman in a fur coat, who did not say anything for hours and staying just observing everything around her, except those four times a week she reads the newspaper to an old invalid gentleman.
Miss Brill went towards Sara, who did not understand why the stranger was doing that, sat down next to her and said:

Miss Brill: We are all on a stage. We are not only the audience, not only looking on; we are acting.

Hardly had she listened what Miss Brill said Sara understood and said:

Sara: No doubt somebody would have noticed if we had not been here… We are part of the performance, after all.

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