Sunday, 21 April 2013

A Beautiful Child by Truman Capote

For Tuesday class: here we have some questions that will help us to discuse the text we. Sara and Tatiana, chose "A Beaituful Child" By Truman Capote

  • What kind of person do you admire the most: one who has a lot of talent or the one who has not talent, but works a lot to reach the fineness?

  • Do you know someone who has to be called “a beautiful child”

  • Do you think Marilyn seemed herself as a beautiful child?

  • Do you think that Truman Capote was being hypocrite with Marilyn or he was a transparent friend with her?

  •  Miss Collier said to Truman Capote: “Somehow I don’t think she’ll make old bones. Absurd of me to say, but somehow I feel she’ll go young. I hope, I really pray that she survives long enough to free the strange lovely talent that’ wandering through her like a jailed spirit.” Actually, Marilyn died at the age of 38. What do you reflect of this coincidence?
  •  Have you thought about this personal and not famous side of Marilyn Monroe?

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