Sunday, 10 March 2013

How is reading in...?


I didn’t understand when people would talk about the pleasure of reading, the whole thing was boring for me, but then I discovered that I was curious person, and that the only way to get to know the things I wanted to know, was by reading, so it all began like that; however there are three different scenarios:

      1. Reading in Spanish

Reading in Spanish for me is like when you go to sleep and you start dreaming, and things can be normal and sane. Sometimes when it is about those stories where everything is relatable the dream appears so normal that I can become meaningful or boring. In the other hand the dream can become chaos and insanity, it can put you through suffering and bliss when you don’t expect it. There can be moments, when you even feel tired. But there are other times when the dream is as surreal as dreams can be, so it feels like place where your mind is getting to another level or is being transform.
I find that reading in Spanish, for me, is like a dream because I can decide what to read as well as I decide when to go to sleep, and in both of them I don’t have control of what could happen, but I can control when to stop…or wake up.

      2.      Reading in English

To read in English is like eating when you’re really hungry, because you want to eat everything that’s in front of you but have to stop and chew and swallow carefully so you don’t choke; and that chewing and swallowing process, is for me the moments when I have to re-read or stop to look for the meaning of a word. Than when I finish reading is like when you’re finally full and the hunger is gone; however, sometimes when you eat after being very hungry, you can feel sick or you regret about eating too much, that’s like when I found I don’t like what I’m reading or that I’m frustrated because I’ve been reading and suddenly I realized that I don’t understand o remember anything I’ve read.

      3.      Reading in French

Reading in French, for me is like writing with my left hand, so giving the fact that I’m a righty, I can tell that it is really uncomfortable. It is like trying to be a lefty because I know it is a good thing for my memory but it’s still hard and frustrating. It’s full of stumbles and those moments when you have no idea what you’ve just written. But even though it’s exhausting, it is a challenge after all.

So that’s what it is, I’ve found that for me, reading in Spanish and English are like a need; while reading in French has become like thing that can help me with another couple of things. 

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