Friday, 22 March 2013

Reading Club

Reading is not just about
deciphering words – it is our
interpretation of these words that
enables us to make sense of the world
around us.


Reading clubs make
reading sociable. They encourage
readers to talk about the books they
love and hate – they become literary
swap shops. They build up a reading
culture, where reading a book becomes
part of the fabric of everyday life rather
than an occasional, solitary activity. 
For pupils who may be finding the
transition to secondary school
daunting, Book-it! clubs can also
provide a psychological and physical
place of quiet and safety. 

A reading club is made to enjoy reading,
 that's the whole thing about!
Personally I like the idea that, while you are reading, 
sometimes you can eat or 
drink something in this space, in order to feel better 
and more confortable.  

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