Monday, 11 March 2013


To read in Spanish can be to fly without a parachute, it is to feel the air in your face, and those kinds of tickle in your stomach, it is to feel the adrenaline and many other kinds of feelings  running inside your body.

To read in French is like don´t find any oasis in the desert, it is to feel like your body little by little dehydrates but sometimes it is like to  drink a large glass of lemonade in the hottest day.

To read in English is like to float in the middle of the sea, feelings the gentle surf under your body until a big wave appears and it makes you to lose the control, you feel terrified even you swallow water, seawater that produces a bad taste in your mouth, but the time passes and you achieve to recuperate the control and you return to the surface where all is tranquility and peace. 

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