Friday, 8 March 2013

what is reading in English/Spanish/French for me

well, the reading in inglish for me some times is a good experience , because  I can understand what the writer is trying  to say, I like  when I undertand a good book , but some times  I  find words that I don't undertand and I have to search for its meaning,  some time I can`t find  it in the dictionary, so  I have to search  the meaning of that word in internet.

And the reading in  spanish  is more fluid because of course, it`s my mother tongue, even I don`t read a lot books in spaninsh I like to read the newspaper and the news on internet,I enjoy when I get information about the world through this kind of  mean.

well and the reading in french it`s more difficult than the other because I`m   learning this language,  and it`s something new for me, the reading in french is just to learn more the language more than anything else, but  some times I try to read the  publication of the news in this language, and I  realized that I`ve been improved this language, and  I undertand the a little bit  more every day , cause every day I learn a new word  of something in this language.

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