Sunday, 10 March 2013

Reading in French, English and Spanish

Reading in English:
It is like three things at the same time: It is hard as if I was walking on the sand in a desert, where each step brings a great effort, but also it is like a hope, as if in the same desert I could see there was a fresh house with fruits and a spring at the end of my way. Lastly, it is satisfactory, because once I arrive to that fresh house, after analize the route I did, I want to do that again in order to improve my way. 

Reading in French:
It is hard like reading in English, but it is a little bit more romantic, as if I was in a french love movie.

Reading in Spanish:
It is magic, because It is like traveling to different places, time and dimensions.

                                                        Picture: El Rincón del Libro